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Fiscal Receiver Partnership

This is a specially designed service to help Neighborhood Associations, clubs, groups of citizens, and community-minded people who want to take action to help a San Jose Park, a number of parks, or all San Jose Parks in general.

Dog Waste Bags Program

Many of you may have read articles in the San Jose Mercury News recently regarding cuts to the dog waste bag program. San Jose Parks Foundation is working on a solution. The following press advisory was issued Monday, August 29.

Raise Funds For Your Project or Park

With dwindling city resources, it is up to private citizens, businesses, and community organizations to support our city parks. We are raising funds to support the entire system, but we can also help raise funds with you for your particular project.

Community Groups are Very Welcome Here!

If your group or organization is working with any aspect of the San Jose Parks, Trails, Community Centers, or Recreation Programs and Services, San Jose Parks Foundation is here for you.

We want you to spend your precious time and energy improving parks and not messing with paperwork or trying to negotiate through a bureaucracy.

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